Slip and Fall Injuries

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A “slip and fall” or “trip and fall” is a type of premises liability accident that occurs when someone slips, trips, or falls as the result of a dangerous condition. Common causes of slip and fall accidents are water, ice, snow, inadequate lighting, or sudden changes in the elevation of a floor, sidewalk, or other surface. According to the National Safety Council, falls are one of the leading causes of unintentional injuries in the United States, accounting for approximately 8.9 million visits to the emergency room every single year. Adults 55 and older are even more prone to becoming fall victims, and the resulting injuries can significantly reduce the ability to lead active, independent lives. The number of fall deaths among individuals 65 and older is four times the number of fall deaths among all other age groups.

Investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding a slip and fall injury is critical. Ohio law requires that before an injury victim can hold the premises liable for a slip and fall, the victim must prove that the premises was on notice (or should have been on notice) of the dangerous condition, but failed to fix the problem. Further, the victim will have to prove that the dangerous condition was not “open and obvious” to an average person. However, even if a condition was open and obvious, liability may still be imposed if it was the defendant itself that created the dangerous condition or if the defendant created “attendant circumstances” which were distracting to the victim at the time of the fall. An attorney will be able to discuss these issues with you in greater detail and give you an assessment of your case.

Proving slip and fall cases often requires placing the premises owner on notice of its obligation to preserve evidence. This is why it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible after a slip and fall accident.

Some of the most common slip and fall injuries are:

  • spine, back, and neck injuries,
  • head injuries including concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBI),
  • knee injuries, including injuries to the patella,
  • broken bones including the wrists, arms, ankles, legs, ribs, and hips,
  • internal injuries such as internal bleeding or organ laceration, and
  • paralysis, coma, and even wrongful death.

These injuries and damages often result in medical bills, pain, suffering, emotional distress, time off work, lost wages, and can even cripple the victim’s ability to earn a living, care for themselves, and support their spouses and children.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident caused by someone else’s negligence, Attorney Dodosh and his law firm are here to help you get the compensation you deserve. It is important to speak with an attorney immediately following any serious car accident before you give a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster or sign medical release papers.

Attorney Dodosh offers Cleveland area injury victims a FREE no obligation consultation to discuss your legal options with you and answer your questions such as:

  • Who pays my medical bills after a slip and fall accident?
  • How do I get compensated for my pain, suffering, and time off work?
  • Should I talk to the insurance adjuster after a slip and fall accident?
  • Should I sign the medical release papers and other documents that the insurance company sends me?
  • How much is my slip and fall claim worth?
  • How long will my case take?
  • Should I settle my slip and fall claim or do I need to file a lawsuit?

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