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Protect Your Family With An Insurance Umbrella!

by | Sep 6, 2023

Imagine that you cause a bad accident and seriously injure someone – or cause a fatality.  You end up with a $1 million judgment against you.  Your car insurance pays out the policy limits of $300,000.  You are personally on the hook for the other $700,000.  Now what?  Well, you will be wishing you had an umbrella insurance policy, because at this point wage garnishment, bankruptcy, and losing your personal assets may be the only option.

Umbrella insurance policies “sit on top of” your other insurance policies (such as car insurance and homeowners insurance) and provide an extra level of protection.  Umbrella policies kick in to protect your personal assets – everything you have worked so hard for – in the event that your other insurance gets maxed out.  Returning to the example above, if you would have had a $1 million umbrella insurance policy, the umbrella would have kicked in and paid the $700,000 deficiency, and your personal assets would have remained protected.

Think umbrellas are expensive?  Think again.  For between $70 and $300 per YEAR, you can purchase a $1 million umbrella policy and rest assured that you, your family, and everything you have is protected.  Contact your insurance agent today and tell them you want to add an umbrella.  It is one of the smartest things you can do to protect you and your family.

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