Personal Injury

Personal injury cases generally settle prior to trial because going to trial poses a significant risk for both parties. By going to trial, we are putting the case completely in the hands of the jury, and there is always the potential that they will make an unfair decision. The other party (who is likely a defense attorney for the insurance company) will also have concerns that the jury may decide to award the plaintiff significantly more than what they think the case is worth. As the trial date gets closer and closer, both sides start to get a little bit nervous and start to very closely consider the latest offers and demands that are on the table.

The defense may offer a higher amount of money in an effort to resolve the matter. Alternatively, the plaintiff may decide to accept a settlement of lower value in order to resolve the case. It’s appealing to both sides to settle the case before it’s actually handed over to a jury who would decide the case as they see fit.

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